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Taxation and Accounting

Taxation and Accounting 1.   Taxation System The current taxation scheme of Cambodia is regulated by the Law on the Amendment to the Law on Taxation of 2003 (2003 Law on Taxation).   The assessment of the Tax on Profit shall…

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Company Info

Company 1.   Regulatory Framework for the Commercial Enterprise   The “Law Bearing upon Commercial Regulations and the Commercial Register” was first enacted in May 1995 and modified in November 1999. This law defines the meaning of “Merchant”, “Trade”, “Trading Activities”,…

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Land In Cambodia

Land In Cambodia 1.   Regulatory Framework for the Land System in Cambodia Land Law was first promulgated in 1992 and was amended in August 2001 (2001 Land Law).  The 2001 Amendment to the Land Law especially aims to determine the regime…

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